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Ambrosia Brown,   NCBTMB Since 2005

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Thai massage is believed to help loosen joints, stretch muscles and tone internal organs.  It's after-effect is a deep relaxation and release.  The main goal in this practice,is to balance the body's energy so that the natural healing energies are released and redirected to areas that need healing.  

Ambrosia Brown,

Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Prenatal, Reflexology, Swedish Relaxation, and Thai Massage


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage is often described as Thai Yoga Massage, because you wear loose fitting clothes and are "stretched out" by the therapist on a mat on the ground. It is often described as "having yoga done to you". Not too many people stretch enough, and this is a great way to get stretched while just laying there with your eyes closed in a relaxed state.

WhY TrY ThaI MasSAge?

What is Thai MasSage?

Thai massage is given very slowly to facilitate the tendency toward mindfulness.  During the massage, pressure is applied to Sen points.  You are also pulled and twisted in movements aimed to create smooth energy flow within the body.